Sunday Fundraiser update

Sunday Fundraiser event at Gate 11 Distillery on Sunday 5/22.

Music lineup is: Kelly Sue n Mark, Joylene Green, Jody Harris, J Moore, Robin Baker, In the Company of Wolves, Katrina Barclay, and Ryan Oyer – Wow!!

After this we will give an update on the June 21st event and then SING ALONG! Songs including: I wanna Hold Your Hand, Lean on Me, Chattanooga Choo Choo, I’ll Fly Away, and Wonderful World.

We have received many donations to put into the prize pool for the raffle!

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Music Maker Spotlight

Stratton Tingle and SoundCorps

Most of us know Stratton as the man who promotes and encourages every musician in this city, but did you know he is also a great musician? I stumbled upon this photo from the 2016, 1st MMD Cha and just had to share it.

SoundCorps has been a sponsor of MMD Cha for several years and has touched the lives and careers of every musician in Chattanooga. It is amazing to have this organization in our city. I would expect it in some place like Nashville or Austin, but here in little Chattanooga? Our town has a beautiful creative spirit, but that creativity needs cultivating and it needs opportunities to grow. That is what SoundCorps has been cultivating, through the leadership of this man that we admire and appreciate.
Thank you Stratton and SoundCorps!

SoundCorps WEBSITE

Our history in a slide show

Make Music Day Chattanooga launched in 2016 and has seen many transformations which are seen through this photo journey and we also see the many beautiful music makers who have participated from 2016 through 2021. Thank you all!

The special music was created by Of August

Photo credits: Ricardo Chang, Ronald Pollard and many participants

Watch video on YouTube HERE