SoundCorps is dedicated to growing the music economy in the Chattanooga region. We devote our energies to building local music industry infrastructure and professional expertise through ongoing programs, events and initiatives. These efforts translate into increased opportunities to experience Chattanooga music. SoundCorps is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 2015.


The UNFoundation is run by a group of four regular folks with full time jobs just like you. They volunteer their time to promote philanthropy and bring awesome ideas to life. Promoting philanthropy involves recruiting trustees and meeting their needs for networking, warm hugs, and community knowledge. Trustees are the meat and potatoes of The UNFoundation giving $100 each month to fund our grants.

The Unfoundation has contributed financial grants yearly which support stipends to event directors and workshop leaders


Article on MMD Grant HERE

River City Company is the economic development engine for Downtown Chattanooga. Through our work to cultivate and advocate for a vibrant and healthy downtown, River City Company stimulates the community’s economic, social and cultural growth.

Since 1986, River City Company, a private 501(c)(3) non-profit, has worked in partnership with local government, the private sector and the philanthropic sector to support Downtown Chattanooga.

The River City Company manages city owned properties including the Miller Plaza, Waterhouse Pavilion, Miller Park, and Walnut Street Plaza which have been used by Make Music Day Chattanooga


Hohner donates harmonicas every year for workshops.


NAMM Foundation: Website

Summit Pianos

Supplies graciously supplies the piano for the Buddy Shirk Piano Bar, which is a major feature of Make Music Day Chattanooga

Summit Pianos WEBSITE